About 90,000 people live, love, believe, work, learn and study in our beautiful city. Everyone could live freely without restricting others in their freedom. A privilege that many people in the world don’t have. They are on the run from hardship, war, violence and persecution. They are looking for a live of peace and security for themselves and their families. Something that belongs to every human being. In return, they also accept the dangerous journey acrossthe sea, stranded in inhuman camps on Europe’s external borders. We can change that by making our city a „Save Habour“. In doing so, we declare our solidarity with people who are fleeing and ensure that they arrive and stay in a dignified manner beyond the limits prescribed by law. There are 13% vacant apartments in Zwickau. We have room. Zwickau is colourful and should mark its title as a cosmopolitan community. As a local seaport group, we advocate fort he City Council to approve such a request. Solidarity with all refugees!