We remain loud::A Lesson for the Governance

We are building a bridge to safe harbours.   

We are a political movement, supported mostly by individuals from civil society. Everyone who supports our political goals and wants to participate is already part of the movement. Through demos and protest actions in the countryside and in the city, we fight with our numerous local groups for migration policy based on solidarity and human rights—in short: away from isolation and towards freedom of movement for all people!

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Join the movement!

You want to become active yourself and stand up for a migration policy based on solidarity? Then join Seebrücke!


Here we have gathered everything you need to organise your own demo or other action as soon as possible.

Make your city a Safe Harbour!

Safe Harbours welcome refugees—and are ready to take in more people. Together, Safe Harbours make up a strong counter-voice to the German government's isolationist policies—loud, uncomfortable, and media-savvy.

Through pressure from the streets and personal commitment, the active members of Seebrücke call on their cities and municipalities to declare themselves a Safe Harbours and to fight for a humane migration policy. With great success: Berlin, Kiel, Dortmund, Munich, Magdeburg—already more than 250 municipalities and cities are involved. And the number is growing almost daily!

To Save Harbours

With the help of your donation, we can loudly advocate migration as a human right and sea rescue as a duty.