Join us!

We are an open and diverse movement with many ways for you to join us: our idea is that people everywhere join in and plan actions themselves.

We're super excited that you want to join us! There are various ways you can participate:

Search for your local group

The local groups form the core of our work. In over 170 groups in Europe—mostly in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland—people network, meet, and organise actions. Every local group is different: In some there are dozens of members, in others there are one or two people. Some organise more creative actions, others hold vigils or write petitions. What they all have in common, however, is that they share our values and goals. If you do too, find a local group near you and contact them. No previous experience is necessary!

You couldn’t find a local group? Then start one yourself! We are happy to help you. Just contact us at and we will explain the rest to you.

You live in East Germany and want to take part in actions against the violence on the european borders, for safe harbours and reception, freedom of movement and solidarity? You wonder how we can achieve these goals and look for people to join? Or are you already organized and want to network with Seebrücke to plan actions together? Then you're right here. Feel free to write any questions or ideas to!

Take part in actions

We call attention to ourselves through a variety of actions—this can be a demo, a film screening, rallies, concerts, online events, meetings, readings, exhibitions, symbolic protests, bicycle demos, information booths... Here you can find all current actions. You don’t need to be in a local group to participate in actions. All events listed on the website are open to the public. We are looking forward to your participation :)

You want your action to appear on the website? Then feel free to use our action form

In addition, we have collected materials and resources here that you can use for actions.

Make your city a Safe Harbour

More and more municipalities are declaring themselves a Safe Harbour! Over 250 municipalities, cities, and countries want to welcome more refugees. Find out about our campaign and demands, see if your town is included, and if not, learn how you can make it a Safe Harbour. Click here to go to Safe Harbours.

Our local groups also have their own social media channels. You can find the links on their respective local group pages. This way you can also stay informed about local work.

Of course, you can also donate to Seebrücke. We are financed exclusively through donations and grants. We use the donations to enable our numerous local groups to carry out their colourful actions, to advocate on a political level for safe escape routes and Safe Harbours, and to bring about social change. We especially appreciate monthly donations that help us plan for the medium-term. Click here to donate.

Overview: How can you join?

If you still have questions, check out our Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or send us a message at