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Safe Harbours welcome refugees - and are willing to accept more people. A strong counter voice to Europe’s isolationist policies. Make your city become a Safe Harbour!

For us, a Safe Harbour means the municipality:

Public Declaration of Solidarity 

declares itself in solidarity with people in flight, sea rescue, and our goals.

Commitment to Safe Escape Routes and Support for Sea Rescue 

advocates for safe escape routes and an end to the EU’s isolationist policies so that people no longer have to flee via life-threatening routes.

positions itself publicly against the criminalisation of civilian sea rescue on the Mediterranean and actively supports it, for example with public relations work, sponsorship, financial support, or participation in a rescue mission.

furthermore, actively supports governmental sea rescue missions.

Seebrücke Congress "Safe Harbours. Cast off for municipal reception" on 13.06.2019 in Berlin © State Capital Potsdam/Santiago Engelhardt

Reception of People in Flight 

advocates vis-à-vis the state and the federal government for the establishment of new programmes (or for the significant expansion of existing programmes) for the legal reception of people in flight and, to this end, offers to take in more than the distribution quota (Königstein Key). (Humanitarian admission procedures of the federal government, in particular the resettlement programme and programmes of the federal states according to §23 of the Residence Act).

provides spaces for the rapid and uncomplicated reception and accommodation of people rescued from distress at sea in addition to the distribution quota of those seeking protection (e.g., under the Dublin or relocation procedure).

advocates vis-à-vis the state and the federal government for the creation of legal and financial parameters with which municipalities can independently put into practice the effective reception of people in flight in addition to the distribution quota.

Ensure Municipal Arrival and Stay 

ensures long-term arrival for all people who have fled—regardless of the escape route taken. In order to ensure a good and safe life in the municipality, all necessary resources must be made available for the humane care—especially in the areas of housing, medical care, and education—and social participation of those who have been accepted.

advocates for the prospects of remaining in the country and opposes deportations within the scope its abilities. It is not only a Safe Harbour, but also a city of solidarity for all people.


actively advocates at the regional, national, and European level for the implementation of the above points. To this end, the municipality networks with other cities and joins the city alliance “Safe Harbour Cities”. Safe Harbour advocate throughout Europe for a European migration policy that complies with human rights and for an end to isolationist policies.


all actions taken are published.


How does my city become a Safe Harbour?

We explain how your city becomes a Safe Harbour.