About us

Who are we?

The Landshuter Seebrücke was re-established in July 2021 and then in the same year successfully organized demonstrations against the impending deportation of our Sierra Leonean friends from FC Sierra Leone Landshut. Since then we have been meeting regularly and providing information on the topics of flight and racism at various events and demonstrations. We network with others, support relief efforts and exert political influence. The most important thing, however, is the direct exchange with the people concerned

We are an open group and are always happy to welcome more committed people who would like to get involved.

Our open meeting against deportation and racism

Once a month we meet with refugees and supporters. Here we exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere and look at current problems or tasks. We also regularly plan joint demonstrations here. Together with other open meetings (e.g. on the topics of feminism, ecology or anti-fascism) we exchange ideas and try to work together in solidarity.


We from the Landshut Seebrücke

  • call for safe escape routes, the decriminalization of sea rescue and humane accommodation for all.

  • want an open Europe, cities based on solidarity, safe havens and no European fortress.

  • call on everyone to become active, to oppose the massive shift to the right and to set a sign of solidarity against fear-mongering, deportation, isolation and exclusion.

  • fight to stop the racist treatment of those seeking protection and asylum seekers

  • call for serious confrontation with racist structures within the authorities

  • Specifically for Landshut, this means: Landshut should become a safe haven, not support the persecution and criminalization of groups such as Kurds, no deportations to supposedly "safe countries of origin", expansion and promotion of support structures for refugees and an honest desire for inclusion on the part of the city


Do you want to join? We usually meet every first Friday at 5 p.m. in the Rieblwirt (Freyung 631, 84028 Landshut). Or you can send us an email to