Are you interested in the work of Seebrücke? Do you follow the events in the Mediterranean Sea and wonder what you can do personally? Or do you just want to hear and see what the current state of affairs is, who is involved with us, and what we are currently working on and planning? Then contact us and join the movement!

We meet regularly
Every two weeks on Sundays at 7 PM

in the city center of Mannheim or via video call to exchange information about current events and planed actions. You can find more info about the meeting and us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or by sending us an email. We always welcome fellow supporters! No prior experience is necessary.

Gelber Trenner

"Places of Isolation" - art installations of the Seebrücke:Signpost

Nationwide installations for places of European isolation

As part of the nationally coordinated action "Places of Isolation," the Seebrücke organization is setting up public art installations in over 15 cities across Germany. Using orange signposts, locations of European isolation are marked, making visible the human rights violations associated with them in everyday life. This includes both symbolic and concrete locations that represent Europe's isolation, such as various institutions and authorities, airports, as well as camps and border facilities at the external borders of Europe.

The signposts will be permanently installed in busy locations in over 15 German city centers and serve as both a humanitarian orientation aid and a memorial against the ongoing human rights violations in Europe. In particular, they aim to show how common and close deportations can occur, how people are detained daily in deportation prisons or camps in the middle of Europe, or how asylum seekers are systematically prevented from crossing safe borders.

Currently, four signposts are visible in the Mannheim cityscape: at the Alte Feuerwache, at ALTER, in the House of the Catholic Church, and at peer23. Learn more about the "Places of Isolation" here.